Our work with CEE communities seeks to ensure that they are equipped and empowered to live well in Bradford.

We have worked with our new CEE communities since 2008. We bring specific expertise in working with CEE Roma who have often come to Bradford to escape endemic prejudice and discrimination in their home countries.

Although life is often difficult for them in Bradford, with English as a 2nd language, they see this as an opportunity to give their children the education and employment denied to them. Through our tailored provision we are seeing lives change for good, young people becoming ambassadors for health within their communities and beginning to seek careers in education.

LACO – Providing lifestyle interventions reinforcing Public Health healthy eating and physical activity messages

LACO has been working with the CEE/ Roma communities in Bradford since 2008. We provide:

  • Whole family interventions – increasing physical activity levels, improving knowledge of self-care/ healthy eating and lifestyles, ensuring more effective engagement with statutory health providers
  • Case-management – providing advocacy helping individuals/families find solutions to financial exclusion, housing issues and navigating health services
  • Outreach and engagement – reaching socially isolated, creating effective pathways into provision
  • Training for other organisations new to working with Roma or seeking to engage with these communities
  • LACO’s team is representative of the communities it serves and our workers speak many CEE languages including Romani

LACO is:

  • Developed in consultation with participants
  • Founded on Public Health, Health Improvement messages
  • Focused on encouraging simple effective behaviour changes e.g. reducing consumption of sugary pop by replacing with sparkling water
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