Our work with young people seeks to celebrate their role and contribution to local life. However, for some of our young people they are atrisk of dropping out of society, feeling alienated and having no sense of their role or responsibility within it. This can lead to lack of respect for others and for their local area and low aspirations and little pride in themselves.

Our work seeks to give young people a role in their communities as active citizens and for communities to recognise the worth of young people. Our projects begin with the young people, respecting them and enabling their voice to be heard. We work to improve their life outcomes helping them live safe and healthy lives whilst developing their personal and social skills.

Street Life & Company (SL&Co) is led by our young volunteers. They recognised a problem endemic in our community – social isolation and loneliness amongst vulnerable/older community members. They came up with a solution – SL&Co.

  • SL&Co provides community development and making every contact count training to young people so that they are better equipped to identify and engage with isolated/ lonely individuals.
  • SL&Cobuilds relationships with people and encourages them to get involved in outdoor/gardening/street activities e.g. recreating backyards into attractive, productive space or joining the Street Life Allotment scheme.

SL&Co’s aim is improve physical/mental wellbeing through valuing each person, increasing community involvement and building sustainable social networks across ethnicities, ages and genders.

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